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  1. 012_busstop
  2. A Special Message from Merritt J. Merritt, owner of Fun Time Pizza Saloon...
  3. 010_urbaniceskating_ms004
  4. Speed Skating
  5. Woman on a speed date gets a little taste of S and M.
  6. 007_westerndelicacy_ms003
  7. 006_magicfail
  8. A wizard passes his driving test. Maybe.
  9. 004_wizardpants_ms02
  10. Tight Sale
  11. Lift Off!

    The Birthday Street machine is officially up and running! Our team of talented and maniacal artists are getting paid nickels an hour to provide you with a pirate’s booty-worth of hilarity. Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for new comics featuring some of your favorite characters that you haven’t heard of yet. Won’t that [...]