73. There’s No Cure For Dino-Fever

Yeah so this guy is wearing a dinosaur costume and sweating and stuff

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4 Responses to "There’s No Cure For Dino-Fever"

  1. bearskinrug Shouted:

    There’s something so nauseating about swimming in 4 feet of sweat.

    April 20, 2011

  2. Sutter Said:

    And that’s just the kiddie sweat-pool. The adult one is 10 feet. NO DIVING

    April 20, 2011

  3. Mountain Gnome Said:

    its amazing how useful such small hands are for wringing out that costume…

    April 21, 2011

  4. mm Whispered:

    So that’s what happened to Barney.

    May 2, 2011


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