Monthly Archives: May 2011

  1. It's tough to crawl out of bed after a dirt nap.
  2. Miss Buxton is concerned about her student who is a pile of dirt.
  3. Shoulda used a higher SPF
  4. Nothing kills a boner like a genie jumping out of your mouth.
  5. Little Fucker swallows a genie, and must figure out how to get it back out.
  6. The kids think they can coax a princess out of a magic lamp
  7. Fixing Kong-sized Clogs since 1985
  8. An Ape turns into a man. Comedic hijinx are promised.
  9. Russel Rind doesn't know what a banana is
  10. Circumvent convention confusion by calling the concierge.
  11. America's Love Affair With Dessert.
  12. tips and tricks for killing people
  13. He loves his dogs swimming in mustard!