97. Hobo Knows Best

Make it rayyyyyyyyne

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4 Responses to "Hobo Knows Best"

  1. Kevin Shouted:

    Now he just needs a “We Remove the Top Of Your Shoe” store to open in town, and he’ll be ROLLING in it!

    June 15, 2011

  2. P Dobry Whispered:

    Weren’t we just discussing hobo wear? This may be the first time that a book group discussion ever benefited anyone.

    June 15, 2011

  3. Penn Whispered:

    He must know someone who works there if they broke their cardinal rule for him.

    June 15, 2011

  4. Kevin Said:

    Totally, Penn! What happened to a little thing called “Business Ethics”, right?

    June 16, 2011


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