119. Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.

Jean-Baptiste Le Petit holds his tongue.

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4 Responses to ". Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me."

  1. Hufnor Mumbled:

    This is outrageous! How can a grown adult allow a child handle this kind of equipment without the use of proper protection. The utilities used when working with power tools are not just “bling”. They help save the precious fragile darlings in case they are mishandled by some ignorant klutz such as the clumsy brat in this strip. Do you have any idea what kind of damage may result when a precision cutting instrument in form of the finely honed rotating chain of a chainsaw comes into contact with a kid? Overall loss of the razor sharp edge and even minor denting is very likely when soft tissues give way and the chain reaches bone (be it a not fully grown and thus less robust bone of a child). Moreover, the aforementioned tissues, respectively their tiny bits, together with bodily fluids wreak havoc to the inner workings of the precious machine. Protective equipment is absolutely essential. When cut, it is designed to cover the sensitive parts of the tool with a fine layer of easily removable materials. This layer shields the tool from exposure to the various kinds of filthy damaging gore. You would not believe the difference a protective helmet makes when your favourite chainsaw has an accident involving going through a kid’s head. If you love your power tools, be responsible! Put some protection between your precious tool and the stupid kid you have handling it!

    August 7, 2011

  2. Kevin Exclaimed:

    It is ABOUT TIME someone said something, Hufnor! Hundreds of power tools are ruined every year! STOP THE INSANITY!

    August 7, 2011

  3. mm Said:

    A young life lost before ever having a chance to come into it’s own. It’s sad, but we will never know how much joy it had to give to this world. “Th-” is all we will ever know of the witticism that might have been.

    August 9, 2011

  4. Kevin Exclaimed:

    Hahaha – NICE, MM :)

    August 9, 2011


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