Monthly Archives: November 2011

  1. Haters gonna hate
  2. bdayst_165
  3. The Easter Bunny spends Thanksgiving at the Novembers.
  4. A sheep shank is really hard to tie. I tried them all out so I could draw them accurately... ok, that's a lie.
  5. You should see Johnson on "Wacky Hat" day.
  6. Mona Barnes pushes the limits of the vegetable as dessert.
  7. That's the advantage of being phallic-shaped. You fit lots of great costumes!
  8. Shazaaaam! or your pizza is free.
  9. A Bird Stuck In A Pineapple meets a Mountain Goat.
  10. Everyone knows you can;t get your pilots license until you're 10 and a half
  11. "Get off my plane!"
  12. Action Guy has to save himself from a deadly freefall! Also, we learn Jalie shouldn't be allowed in the SPCA anymore.
  13. First person to make a nipples/coldness joke loses.