Monthly Archives: May 2012

  1. This guy makes Uncle Jesse look like Stephen Urkle
  2. Frank Swanson and Quincy Rasp go to the Flower Show.
  3. Lookout! He's a borderline "Puppy Perv".
  4. Barefoot frolicing can also be dangerous around Legos
  5. Speed Dating Woman gets advice about her future. From herself.
  6. That poor laptop...
  7. He's a regular Jerk Cousteau! (Bwahahaha)
  8. A sea critter get revenge for Beach Ranger Ferd.
  9. On a hot day have a cool treat. The best kind is frozen lunch meat.
  10. He who controls the whompee's controls the fate.
  11. Charlie Bear visits the Fix-It shop.
  12. This isss breaking newssss, people.
  13. That's right. 42 years ago boomboxes not only existed but they had wicked sweet tape decks.