Monthly Archives: August 2012

  1. The spicy mustard ghost with scare the shit out of your buns
  2. Wizardry uses IKEA as a bedroom.
  3. He loves trees. A lot.
  4. Don't trust ANY dog. 9 of 10 dogs are really just dudes in dog suits. It's a fact.
  5. Lambert Templeton learns to find black boxes sexually arousing.
  6. Awww it almost sounds like she's trying to say "braaaaaiiiinnnnssss".
  7. Sears auto-corrects to "Mike Seaver is hot stuff"
  8. Meet Cliftus and Clotor
  9. Flexin' funny muscles.
  10. He may also break your Chinese finger traps and crush your hand when shaking it.
  11. A man buys a mattress and has to build it.
  12. Drinking beer is better than eating it I hear.
  13. All they need is a boom box and a cassette single of Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time"