Monthly Archives: November 2012

  1. Frank Swanson meets his Guardian Angel, the Easter Bunny.
  2. For a medium-well steak, use SPF 15
  3. Ain't nuthin' like that first tan o' the year.
  4. Sean Powers and Little Fucker tour the Carrotatorium!
  5. Stay tuned for carrot adventures...
  6. bdayst_305
  7. The Dark One gets new boots!
  8. There are a LOT of perverse asteroids floating around out there...
  9. What a rube! He used the wrong food tube, dude!
  10. Lambert Templeton wins the hot dog eating world record.
  11. Kit Kat - HH. I hit the H button twice and got potato chips. I did not know there was an HH button. God God dammit dammit.
  12. Whaddazinger!
  13. Farmer Mac offers Charlie Bear some good ol' country hospitality.