Monthly Archives: January 2013

  1. The other side of the postcard has a picture of a fish in a bikini in the sewer. It says Wish You Were Here and the fish is pushing it's scales together to fake cleavage. There's a  tropical drink next to her but it doesn't really have alcohol in it. It was staged for the photograph.
  2. A magical boy that outgrew his wooden shoes and hat made of bread.
  3. Lance Gallant goes on Azol's show to talk science.
  4. Burgers pee grease but they poo solid gold
  5. Thou art in the Guild of Office Adventurers
  6. Lambert Templeton and Wizardry Von Spellsmark do magic.
  7. She shouldn't feel bad. He's the employee of the month in every restaurant.
  8. Man you don't stand a chance if you go down in Chinatown.
  9. If you're going to get a moat, consider getting an above-ground one to cut down on the price.
  10. Once their kind moves in, you can kiss the kelp in your neighborhood goodbye.
  11. The Catch-22 of holiday decorating.