414. Rogue Sub Part 8!!


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5 Responses to ". Rogue Sub Part 8!!"

  1. Rosie Exclaimed:

    No comic showed up on the page for today.

    December 12, 2013

  2. Thomas Exclaimed:

    No, nothing! It is inexcusable! Some of us have other things to do at work than wait for comics. It even has “Name Calling” in the tags. Are you teasing us?!

    December 12, 2013

  3. Kevin Said:

    Sutter and his damn “Avant Garde” art. Always trying to make us consider existence versus non-existence!

    December 12, 2013

  4. fede Whispered:

    better than ever!

    December 12, 2013

  5. Sutter Said:

    Life is like a blank comic, man. Just a void of nothingness… you guys just don’t get it.

    December 12, 2013


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