Peter Dalkner

Hello there.

Thanks for clicking on the button for my biography page. I’m really flattered that you would want to learn more about me. Really.

This is kind of embarrassing, though.

To be honest, I wasn’t all that prepared for anyone to actually look at this page of the website so I really didn’t prepare much of a statement. Oops! Heh!

Okay… here goes…

Aaaaah…. I was born in late September of 1977. I uh, reside in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, which is a pretty cool place I guess. Um… I don’t mean to brag but, I have a BFA in Communication Design and another in Fine Art from Kutztown University. I also earned a MFA from the University of Connecticut in Studio Art.

Since then I’ve worked as a bike messenger, animation production artist, animation studio art director, freelance animator, illustrator, designer, and bike shop mechanic/manager.

You can see more of what I’ve done and do at

I went to L.A. one time and I really didn’t like it there that much. Sorry.

Oh… one more thing… I love Sourpatch Kids, Haribo Gummi Bears, cola beverages, aaaaannnnd kung fu movies.

Well I guess that does it.


See you later!