Appearances by "Action Guy"

  1. Fi-fucking-nally.
  2. Action Guy destroys the Russian Sub Captain
  3. Your wishes of this saga ending will be unfulfilled. Jerk.
  4. Lance is losing it. That football is from KB Toys.
  5. 414_roguesub8_ms153
  6. Action Guy suits up.
  7. You wouldn't like him when he's angry...
  8. Action Guy faces the Ambiguous Eastern European Sub Captain.
  9. 410_roguesub4_ms151
  10. Lambert Templeton reads Action Guy's current status.
  11. He's just trying to get a-head of the game!
  12. President Potato Chips calls in Action Guy
  13. Action Guy attacks Escobar at an inopportune time.
  14. bdayst_284
  15. Action Guy's parrots face temptation.
  16. Action Guy solves a problem.
  17. "Get off my plane!"
  18. Action Guy has to save himself from a deadly freefall! Also, we learn Jalie shouldn't be allowed in the SPCA anymore.
  19. First person to make a nipples/coldness joke loses.
  20. A husky search aka Siberian search and rescue.
  21. Two guards are perplexed by a bathtub
  22. Stuck in the clink with nothin' but a centerfold
  23. Malory Sneep reveals his reasons for his dastardly plan.
  24. Escobar's plans are ruined by another villian.
  25. Escobar esco-capes and plots his revenge on the constitution of the United States
  26. It's tough to crawl out of bed after a dirt nap.
  27. Action Guy's whole life is a movie.
  28. The conclusion to 'Get That Guy'. Includes a funeral!
  29. 052_gogethimpart2_ms018
  30. bdayst_051
  31. 031_Blackandblueprints_ms011
  32. 025_actionandmisadventure_ms009