Appearances by "Beach Ranger Ferd"

  1. Beach Ranger Ferd suffers some eye trauma.
  2. Beach Ranger Ferd illustrates the plight of the Guy With A Beard Of Bees.
  3. He was just trying to get to the arcade to play Street Fighter 2. He uses Zangief. I know, lame.
  4. Lee Roy Finkle walks the earth.
  5. Ferd blows up beached critters, to the benefit of Holiver Eisenbluth.
  6. A sea critter get revenge for Beach Ranger Ferd.
  7. The Easter Bunny gives Sean Powers a dose of reality.
  8. Beach Ranger Ferd tells Beach Kids about The Ghost of the Pirate Hunter.
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  10. Beach Ranger Ferd and Frank Swanson get saved by dolphins
  11. Beach Ranger Ferd saves a make-out couple from The Grunk.
  12. Little Fucker teaches the Cloud Princess about modern culture and bad decision making.
  13. Can Beach Ranger Ferd help unite the mermaid princess with her true love? Only if it's funny!