Appearances by "Jalie Twinn"

  1. Apparently soda is really bad for your limbs
  2. Jalie Twinn and Mr. Sprinkles enter a cat pageant.
  3. Susie with Braces goes to the big dance.
  4. THere will be a quiz on chapter 62 on Monday: How to identify Susie's shoes under the stall door; Shaking Susie's stall door to frighten her.
  5. Lance Gallant goes on Azol's show to talk science.
  6. Janie and Jalie set Susie With Braces up with their new babysitter.
  7. Squeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeek Chitttttttttter Chittttttttt Clickity Click
  8. Haters gonna hate
  9. Action Guy has to save himself from a deadly freefall! Also, we learn Jalie shouldn't be allowed in the SPCA anymore.
  10. First person to make a nipples/coldness joke loses.
  11. Quincy Rasp gets kicked out of the ball pit at Fun Time Pizza Saloon.
  13. Von Spellsmark plays Mash with the Twinns.
  14. Zombie-Kevin smells as bad as regular Kevin