Appearances by "Jared Kettles"

  1. Apparently soda is really bad for your limbs
  2. Yeah, it's great but it really puts a drain on your battery-life.
  3. The KKK recruits some idiots.
  4. It's a girl!!!
  5. Later he played guitar in Van Halen.
  6. Birthday Street doesn't have nearly enough old men to populate a nude pond
  7. by Guest Writer Rob Weychert
  8. Godzilla racially insulted my heritage. Godzilla forgot your birthday. Godzilla ate the white stuff out of the last Oreo.
  9. Charlie Bear has to walk through the park at night to drop off dry cleaning.
  10. Condiment jokes are the funniest to things that they go on.
  11. He delivered it medium rare.
  12. He watched Adventures in Babysitting 32 times in preparation...
  13. No father is that happy when their child turns to art
  14. Other cartoon suicides include gun with bang flag and tieing ones self to the railroad tracks.