Appearances by "Lambert Templeton"

  1. Lambert Templeton reads Action Guy's current status.
  2. Lambert Templeton has a life hack.
  3. The KKK recruits some idiots.
  4. Jalie Twinn and Mr. Sprinkles enter a cat pageant.
  5. Lambert Templeton robs a bank. Kinda.
  6. He didn't invent the balloon animal—just the balloon boner
  7. Lambert Templeton returns a cat to Melanie Carlisle's pet store.
  8. Is it because I ate dinner at Walgreens too many times?
  9. Lincoln gets framed!
  10. Fun Time Pizza Saloon burns down and Merritt J. Merritt must claim his valuables.
  11. Birthday Street doesn't have nearly enough old men to populate a nude pond
  12. Lambert Templeton and Wizardry Von Spellsmark do magic.
  13. Once their kind moves in, you can kiss the kelp in your neighborhood goodbye.
  14. Lambert Templeton wins the hot dog eating world record.
  15. People grillin' people.
  16. Thrills and chills and grills.
  17. The spicy mustard ghost with scare the shit out of your buns
  18. Lambert Templeton learns to find black boxes sexually arousing.
  19. Pisscan Pete goes into the hospital.
  20. Lambert Templeton goes to his High School reunion
  21. Lambert and Harriet Templeton have a kid.
  22. Listen to the soothing sounds of nature...
  23. An unexpected guest at poker night.