Appearances by "Mr. Sun"

  1. 434_adayinthesun_ms162
  2. Most emergencies in space involve fishing someone out of the sun
  3. Little Fucker helps Lee Roy Finkle destroy a drug-pushing pimp mafia kingpin.
  4. Birthday Street doesn't have nearly enough old men to populate a nude pond
  5. They'll drive you quackers! HA!
  6. For a medium-well steak, use SPF 15
  7. Don't ask me to explain this. The flowers would never allow it.
  8. The Sports Ball Cemetary also features dozens of Pete Rose balls
  9. He may also break your Chinese finger traps and crush your hand when shaking it.
  10. A man buys a mattress and has to build it.
  11. Drinking beer is better than eating it I hear.
  12. Honestly, it could probably use more mayo.
  13. Turn around, Bright Eyes (he's right behind you).
  14. Cloudy with a chance of ass kicking
  15. He's a regular Jerk Cousteau! (Bwahahaha)
  16. He who controls the whompee's controls the fate.
  17. He delivered it medium rare.
  18. And then Ricky drowned.
  19. Get some Sprote in your throat!
  20. Other cartoon suicides include gun with bang flag and tieing ones self to the railroad tracks.
  21. Haters gonna hate
  22. Everyone knows you can;t get your pilots license until you're 10 and a half
  23. Dolphin butthole is a delicacy in 42 countries
  24. hotter than hot!
  25. The truth is that he has someone read them for him and impart the gist of it to him.
  26. 100% natural
  27. Ted Kettlebaum and Clint Tucker are suspicious of their new neighbor.
  28. That song is performed by Sugar Ray and is used as torture in 36 countries