Appearances by "Wizardry Von Spellsmark"

  1. Apparently soda is really bad for your limbs
  2. If this were real life, nobody could ever melt down such a bad ass brooch.
  3. Birthday Street doesn't have nearly enough old men to populate a nude pond
  4. Lambert Templeton and Wizardry Von Spellsmark do magic.
  5. Flowers make everything better.
  6. Wizardry uses IKEA as a bedroom.
  7. Merritt and Wizardry pick up mom's at Target.
  8. 205_SoupedUp_ms073
  9. Shazaaaam! or your pizza is free.
  10. A Bird Stuck In A Pineapple meets a Mountain Goat.
  11. You should see what the penalty for rainbows is.
  12. Speed Dating Woman attends the sexual harassment seminar at her new job.
  14. Von Spellsmark plays Mash with the Twinns.
  15. Zombie-Kevin smells as bad as regular Kevin
  16. Wizardry Von Spellsmark gets kicked out of The Society of Evil Wizards.
  17. Wizardry Von Spellsmark goes roller skating, with magical results
  18. 006_magicfail
  19. A wizard passes his driving test. Maybe.
  20. 004_wizardpants_ms02