Appearances by "World's Greatest Hotted Dog"

  1. World's Worst Hammed Burger competes in a sumo contest.
  2. She shouldn't feel bad. He's the employee of the month in every restaurant.
  3. Kit Kat - HH. I hit the H button twice and got potato chips. I did not know there was an HH button. God God dammit dammit.
  4. Little Fucker builds a robot.
  5. He delivered it medium rare.
  6. He watched Adventures in Babysitting 32 times in preparation...
  7. Other cartoon suicides include gun with bang flag and tieing ones self to the railroad tracks.
  8. That's the advantage of being phallic-shaped. You fit lots of great costumes!
  9. Quincy Rasp is driven crazy by a hot dog.
  10. Don't fucking try this at home.