Comics tagged "Comic Violence"

  1. Fi-fucking-nally.
  2. 414_roguesub8_ms153
  3. You wouldn't like him when he's angry...
  4. Action Guy faces the Ambiguous Eastern European Sub Captain.
  5. Lambert Templeton reads Action Guy's current status.
  6. He's just trying to get a-head of the game!
  7. I'm way too proud of this comic title
  8. That's what happens to enemies of the state (starring Will Smith)
  9. Apparently soda is really bad for your limbs
  10. Then Igor got a job at at mall at that weird knife shop that never seems like it does any business...
  11. Yeah, it's great but it really puts a drain on your battery-life.
  12. It's a girl!!!
  13. GKiB is one of the longest running American publications. Abe Lincoln used to read it on the toilet. It's true.
  14. Little Fucker and Sean have a duel.
  15. If you must know, yes, I was listening to the Misfits whilst drawing this.
  16. What's worse is that the only magazine they had on board was Sky Mall.
  17. Clem and Lem try their hand at bodysnatching.
  18. Most emergencies in space involve fishing someone out of the sun
  19. Little Fucker helps Lee Roy Finkle destroy a drug-pushing pimp mafia kingpin.
  20. Action Guy attacks Escobar at an inopportune time.
  21. Beach Ranger Ferd illustrates the plight of the Guy With A Beard Of Bees.
  22. Kevin McCallister probably had the very same dreams...
  23. Bobby Flay is such a bore. He really doesn't have any quotes that are the least bit insightful or amusing. "Grilling is fun, you can use either gas OR charcoal!" Really, Bobby, REALLY?
  24. He also drops off heart transplant patients at lobster houses
  25. Stay tuned for carrot adventures...
  26. Kit Kat - HH. I hit the H button twice and got potato chips. I did not know there was an HH button. God God dammit dammit.
  27. Charlie Brown-stained pants
  28. Not pictured: the robbing of his innocence
  29. You'd be wise to gouge out your eyes too. It doesn't get much cooler than this comic.
  30. bdayst_284
  31. Action Guy's parrots face temptation.
  32. Godzilla racially insulted my heritage. Godzilla forgot your birthday. Godzilla ate the white stuff out of the last Oreo.
  33. Meet Cliftus and Clotor
  34. All they need is a boom box and a cassette single of Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time"
  35. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Neetles
  36. The good meat is in the brim
  37. It's pretty weird that they use the same shampoo
  38. A clash of kings.
  39. This guy makes Uncle Jesse look like Stephen Urkle
  40. Barefoot frolicing can also be dangerous around Legos
  41. That poor laptop...
  42. He's a regular Jerk Cousteau! (Bwahahaha)
  43. A sea critter get revenge for Beach Ranger Ferd.
  44. He who controls the whompee's controls the fate.
  45. Don't be fooled by his spitcurl. Superman is a total dick.
  46. At least he didn't make it take it's shoes off.
  47. You didn't know that rock n' roll burned so you bought a candle and you loved and you learned
  48. Action Guy solves a problem.
  49. You should see what happens if you don't flush.
  50. You may have already won a chin-full of vomit
  51. Other cartoon suicides include gun with bang flag and tieing ones self to the railroad tracks.
  52. Can you even get an Orange Julius nowadays? What has this World come to?
  53. Haters gonna hate
  54. Everyone knows you can;t get your pilots license until you're 10 and a half
  55. Action Guy has to save himself from a deadly freefall! Also, we learn Jalie shouldn't be allowed in the SPCA anymore.
  56. First person to make a nipples/coldness joke loses.
  57. Werewolves are such fickle creatures.
  58. I could go for one of those cocktails
  59. You should see what the penalty for rainbows is.
  60. Hot Chamomile burns the skin and the eyes!
  61. HIYA! We cut hair!
  62. ...but they hate splinters!
  63. Jean-Baptiste Le Petit holds his tongue.
  64. Shouldn't he be speaking French?
  65. Beezus Barnes visits a doctor for an injured wrist.
  66. You get like 15 extra minutes on the meter with a flesh-quarter
  67. Ned Walsh mows Old Man McAffree's lawn.
  68. Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar Metal under tension Beggin' you to touch and goooo. Highway to the pain zone...
  69. plane crash, desert island, count godzilla claus, sexiness
  70. Stuck in the clink with nothin' but a centerfold
  71. Escobar's plans are ruined by another villian.
  72. Escobar esco-capes and plots his revenge on the constitution of the United States
  73. It's tough to crawl out of bed after a dirt nap.
  74. Shoulda used a higher SPF
  75. tips and tricks for killing people
  76. The Super Folks take on Dr. Neinstein er, Ninestein
  77. Can Beach Ranger Ferd help unite the mermaid princess with her true love? Only if it's funny!
  78. Kevin takes a shortcut in his work.
  79. bdayst_063-darkwizardazolshow
  80. Fun Uncle Stu shows his niece Sally how to have REAL fun on roller skates!
  81. Action Guy's whole life is a movie.
  82. The conclusion to 'Get That Guy'. Includes a funeral!
  83. 052_gogethimpart2_ms018
  84. bdayst_051
  85. 031_Blackandblueprints_ms011
  86. 025_actionandmisadventure_ms009
  87. 024_bigmeltdown
  88. 019_grippyanddude_ms007
  89. 012_busstop
  90. 010_urbaniceskating_ms004
  91. 007_westerndelicacy_ms003
  92. A school principle must rescind all 'Cruel Childhood' initiatives.