Comics tagged "Cruel Childhood Initiative"

  1. He was arrested by officer Shaquille O'neal
  2. Baby got full back
  3. Crispin Carruthers dates a witch.
  4. Then Igor got a job at at mall at that weird knife shop that never seems like it does any business...
  5. Judy Little makes her son some lunch.
  6. Ommetaphobics beware.
  7. Little Fucker helps Lee Roy Finkle destroy a drug-pushing pimp mafia kingpin.
  8. Sandra The Speed Dating Woman meets her Fairy Godmother.
  9. Is it because I ate dinner at Walgreens too many times?
  10. Susie with Braces goes to the big dance.
  11. THere will be a quiz on chapter 62 on Monday: How to identify Susie's shoes under the stall door; Shaking Susie's stall door to frighten her.
  12. Lambert Templeton and Wizardry Von Spellsmark do magic.
  13. The Catch-22 of holiday decorating.
  14. Love him so much you wanna hit him!
  15. Crispin Carruthers writes a kid's book.
  16. Don't punch your monitor too hard. It's made of rocks.
  17. Sean Powers and Little Fucker tour the Carrotatorium!
  18. Charlie Brown-stained pants
  19. The Sports Ball Cemetary also features dozens of Pete Rose balls
  20. Lee Roy Finkle walks the earth.
  21. This guy makes Uncle Jesse look like Stephen Urkle
  22. Don't be fooled by his spitcurl. Superman is a total dick.
  23. Speed Dating Woman and Clint Tucker visit Fun Time Pizza Saloon.
  24. Shoulda used a higher SPF
  25. The career of pizza delivery person is not pictured
  26. Wizardry Von Spellsmark goes roller skating, with magical results
  27. Fun Uncle Stu shows his niece Sally how to have REAL fun on roller skates!
  28. The conclusion to 'Get That Guy'. Includes a funeral!
  29. 052_gogethimpart2_ms018
  30. Fun Uncle Stu and his neice go jumping the bungee
  31. A school principle must rescind all 'Cruel Childhood' initiatives.