Comics tagged "fish"

  1. Beach Ranger Ferd suffers some eye trauma.
  2. What's worse is that the only magazine they had on board was Sky Mall.
  3. Sandra The Speed Dating Woman meets her Fairy Godmother.
  4. They used a similar disguise to play Corey Feldman in "Dream a Little Dream"
  5. The other side of the postcard has a picture of a fish in a bikini in the sewer. It says Wish You Were Here and the fish is pushing it's scales together to fake cleavage. There's a  tropical drink next to her but it doesn't really have alcohol in it. It was staged for the photograph.
  6. He also drops off heart transplant patients at lobster houses
  7. He's a regular Jerk Cousteau! (Bwahahaha)
  8. Hero Talk