Comics tagged "Good Parenting"

  1. Lambert Templeton reads Action Guy's current status.
  2. Judy Little makes her son some lunch.
  3. Tom Baxter fantasizes in a traffic jam.
  4. They used a similar disguise to play Corey Feldman in "Dream a Little Dream"
  5. He also drops off heart transplant patients at lobster houses
  6. Sean Powers and Little Fucker tour the Carrotatorium!
  7. Don't be fooled by his spitcurl. Superman is a total dick.
  8. The Easter Bunny gives Sean Powers a dose of reality.
  9. Janie and Jalie set Susie With Braces up with their new babysitter.
  10. He watched Adventures in Babysitting 32 times in preparation...
  11. No father is that happy when their child turns to art
  12. Everyone knows you can;t get your pilots license until you're 10 and a half
  13. Jean-Baptiste Le Petit holds his tongue.
  14. A ship captain finds the perfect location for his new business venture.
  15. Miss Buxton is concerned about her student who is a pile of dirt.
  16. He loves his dogs swimming in mustard!
  17. Fun Uncle Stu shows his niece Sally how to have REAL fun on roller skates!
  18. The conclusion to 'Get That Guy'. Includes a funeral!
  19. 052_gogethimpart2_ms018
  20. Fun Uncle Stu and his neice go jumping the bungee
  21. bdayst_048
  22. Batman must decide which is more important... Birthday Street or Robin's report card.
  23. A Father and Son observe a clown
  24. 028_gettingyourvitamincluk_ms010
  25. Principle plays Plagued Ratz backwardz.
  26. A school principle must rescind all 'Cruel Childhood' initiatives.
  27. Asshole Dentist