Comics tagged "Hilarious Exits"

  1. An astronaut wishes to meet the leader of an alien race.
  2. He's just trying to get a-head of the game!
  3. I'm way too proud of this comic title
  4. Apparently soda is really bad for your limbs
  5. It's a girl!!!
  6. A man consoles a grieving widow.
  7. This never would've happened with french toast and scrapple.
  8. GKiB is one of the longest running American publications. Abe Lincoln used to read it on the toilet. It's true.
  9. Little Fucker and Sean have a duel.
  10. What's worse is that the only magazine they had on board was Sky Mall.
  11. Most emergencies in space involve fishing someone out of the sun
  12. Action Guy attacks Escobar at an inopportune time.
  13. The Birthday Street Fire Station puts together a hunky calendar.
  14. Admiral Gary summits Mt. Everest.
  15. Bobby Flay is such a bore. He really doesn't have any quotes that are the least bit insightful or amusing. "Grilling is fun, you can use either gas OR charcoal!" Really, Bobby, REALLY?
  16. Asshole Postman taunts Dermot Hasenpfeffer.
  17. The other side of the postcard has a picture of a fish in a bikini in the sewer. It says Wish You Were Here and the fish is pushing it's scales together to fake cleavage. There's a  tropical drink next to her but it doesn't really have alcohol in it. It was staged for the photograph.
  18. If you're going to get a moat, consider getting an above-ground one to cut down on the price.
  19. Crispin Carruthers writes a kid's book.
  20. Charlie Brown-stained pants
  21. You'd be wise to gouge out your eyes too. It doesn't get much cooler than this comic.
  22. bdayst_284
  23. Action Guy's parrots face temptation.
  24. The Sports Ball Cemetary also features dozens of Pete Rose balls
  25. All they need is a boom box and a cassette single of Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time"
  26. Ferd blows up beached critters, to the benefit of Holiver Eisenbluth.
  27. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Neetles
  28. Frank Swanson and Quincy Rasp go to the Flower Show.
  29. Barefoot frolicing can also be dangerous around Legos
  30. RIP Maru's internet ghost
  31. People choking on lobsters.
  32. You didn't know that rock n' roll burned so you bought a candle and you loved and you learned
  33. And then Ricky drowned.
  34. You should see what happens if you don't flush.
  35. A sculptor pays the ultimate price for his art.
  36. The Easter Bunny spends Thanksgiving at the Novembers.
  37. Mona Barnes pushes the limits of the vegetable as dessert.
  38. Werewolves are such fickle creatures.
  39. I could go for one of those cocktails
  40. Jean-Baptiste Le Petit holds his tongue.
  41. Shouldn't he be speaking French?
  42. Did you just learn how to eat?!?!
  43. never trust a nerd until you're sure he's a legit nerd
  44. Shoulda used a higher SPF
  45. tips and tricks for killing people
  46. Speed Dating Woman hits another speed bump on the road to true love.
  47. Can Beach Ranger Ferd help unite the mermaid princess with her true love? Only if it's funny!
  48. bdayst_066-so-meta
  49. Fun Uncle Stu shows his niece Sally how to have REAL fun on roller skates!
  50. The conclusion to 'Get That Guy'. Includes a funeral!
  51. Fun Uncle Stu and his neice go jumping the bungee
  52. A Father and Son observe a clown
  53. 007_westerndelicacy_ms003
  54. A school principle must rescind all 'Cruel Childhood' initiatives.