Comics tagged "Super Science"

  1. Your wishes of this saga ending will be unfulfilled. Jerk.
  2. Lance is losing it. That football is from KB Toys.
  3. Those future people are gonna be soooo horny!
  4. Lance Gallant interviews a new lab assistant.
  5. Tough times for the mom and pop crystal meth store
  6. Professor Gallant wants to cure the modern hangover.
  7. Lance Gallant goes on Azol's show to talk science.
  8. Lance Gallant retrieves his Half-Life Acceleratrix.
  9. Justin B. uses science to create, like, the perfect girl.
  10. Little Fucker builds a robot.
  11. Professor Lance Gallant gives relationship advice.
  12. You should see what happens if you don't flush.
  13. Lance Gallant stops Pisscan Pete from using his deadly invention.
  14. never trust a nerd until you're sure he's a legit nerd
  15. Pisscan Pete and Professor Lance Gallant switch lives.
  16. bdayst_066-so-meta
  17. bdayst_048
  18. Batman must decide which is more important... Birthday Street or Robin's report card.
  19. Professor Gallant must right the wrongs of his past.
  20. 037_TheStiffnessofScience_ms013
  21. 036