Comics tagged "superheroes"

  1. He has a really good story about Archie getting it on with Carla from Cheers.
  2. This was actually all Wonder Womans idea.
  3. The Birthday Street Fire Station puts together a hunky calendar.
  4. Kevin McCallister probably had the very same dreams...
  5. Don't ask me to explain this. The flowers would never allow it.
  6. The good meat is in the brim
  7. Sean Powers reads a "The Mighty Thor" comic.
  8. He really stretches the boundaries of their relationship.
  9. The Justice League of America never does their own laundry
  10. Don't be fooled by his spitcurl. Superman is a total dick.
  11. You should see what happens if you don't flush.
  12. Ted Kettlebaum and Clint Tucker are suspicious of their new neighbor.
  13. Speed Dating Woman hits another speed bump on the road to true love.
  14. The Super Folks take on Dr. Neinstein er, Ninestein
  15. Hero Talk
  16. Batman must decide which is more important... Birthday Street or Robin's report card.
  17. 018_presidentialaction