Comics tagged "We Have A Mustache Fetish"

  1. An astronaut wishes to meet the leader of an alien race.
  2. 434_adayinthesun_ms162
  3. Baby got full back
  4. Action Guy faces the Ambiguous Eastern European Sub Captain.
  5. That's what happens to enemies of the state (starring Will Smith)
  6. Apparently soda is really bad for your limbs
  7. Crispin Carruthers dates a witch.
  8. Lance Gallant interviews a new lab assistant.
  9. The Devil grants a man a skill equal to his soul.
  10. Yeah, it's great but it really puts a drain on your battery-life.
  11. Cars. Cars! I hate drawing cars! Why does it always have to be cars?!
  12. Tough times for the mom and pop crystal meth store
  13. If this were real life, nobody could ever melt down such a bad ass brooch.
  14. Clem and Lem try their hand at bodysnatching.
  15. Most emergencies in space involve fishing someone out of the sun
  16. Other famous things that were rained out include Ben Franklin's masturbating robot: Bolty Z. Nuts
  17. Later he played guitar in Van Halen.
  18. Beach Ranger Ferd illustrates the plight of the Guy With A Beard Of Bees.
  19. Crispin Carruthers moves up in the virtual world.
  20. The Birthday Street Fire Station puts together a hunky calendar.
  21. He was just trying to get to the arcade to play Street Fighter 2. He uses Zangief. I know, lame.
  22. Lincoln gets framed!
  23. penny from heaven
  24. Admiral Gary summits Mt. Everest.
  25. Birthday Street doesn't have nearly enough old men to populate a nude pond
  26. Bobby Flay is such a bore. He really doesn't have any quotes that are the least bit insightful or amusing. "Grilling is fun, you can use either gas OR charcoal!" Really, Bobby, REALLY?
  27. Asshole Postman taunts Dermot Hasenpfeffer.
  28. Lance Gallant goes on Azol's show to talk science.
  29. Lambert Templeton and Wizardry Von Spellsmark do magic.
  30. Crispin Carruthers writes a kid's book.
  31. Don't punch your monitor too hard. It's made of rocks.
  32. Kit Kat - HH. I hit the H button twice and got potato chips. I did not know there was an HH button. God God dammit dammit.
  33. Lance Gallant retrieves his Half-Life Acceleratrix.
  34. Be sure to look for YOUR tattoo in the mix!
  35. bdayst_284
  36. Action Guy's parrots face temptation.
  37. Flowers make everything better.
  38. Godzilla racially insulted my heritage. Godzilla forgot your birthday. Godzilla ate the white stuff out of the last Oreo.
  39. Poor Dracularry. Kids can be real monsters.
  40. Lee Roy Finkle walks the earth.
  41. Wizardry uses IKEA as a bedroom.
  42. Meet Cliftus and Clotor
  43. Ferd blows up beached critters, to the benefit of Holiver Eisenbluth.
  44. In alternate 1991 The Spin Doctors NEVER EXISTED! Nooooooo!
  45. Things haven't been the same in the Meowgi household since...
  46. The good meat is in the brim
  47. It's pretty weird that they use the same shampoo
  48. Lambert and Harriet Templeton have a kid.
  49. Listen to the soothing sounds of nature...
  50. Spine tingling tales of murder and mystery and... stuff.
  51. Frank Swanson and Quincy Rasp go to the Flower Show.
  52. Barefoot frolicing can also be dangerous around Legos
  53. Charlie Bear has to walk through the park at night to drop off dry cleaning.
  54. Condiment jokes are the funniest to things that they go on.
  55. Little Fucker builds a robot.
  56. Merritt and Wizardry pick up mom's at Target.
  57. He delivered it medium rare.
  58. People choking on lobsters.
  59. You didn't know that rock n' roll burned so you bought a candle and you loved and you learned
  60. He watched Adventures in Babysitting 32 times in preparation...
  61. bdayst_193
  62. Professor Lance Gallant gives relationship advice.
  63. Get some Sprote in your throat!
  64. A sculptor pays the ultimate price for his art.
  65. Other cartoon suicides include gun with bang flag and tieing ones self to the railroad tracks.
  66. The Easter Bunny spends Thanksgiving at the Novembers.
  67. Everyone knows you can;t get your pilots license until you're 10 and a half
  68. Don't fucking try this at home.
  69. Lance Gallant stops Pisscan Pete from using his deadly invention.
  70. The Admiral and Lieutenant Simmons Race to the North Pole!
  71. I could go for one of those cocktails
  72. Nananana Nananana not gay!
  73. You should see what the penalty for rainbows is.
  74. Hot Chamomile burns the skin and the eyes!
  75. Speed Dating Woman attends the sexual harassment seminar at her new job.
  76. HIYA! We cut hair!
  77. The Amazing Rando saves a Bird Stuck In A Melon
  78. ...but they hate splinters!
  79. Shouldn't he be speaking French?
  80. Did you just learn how to eat?!?!
  81. Beezus Barnes visits a doctor for an injured wrist.
  82. What happens when a vampire and zombie bite eachother?
  83. Pisscan Pete and Professor Lance Gallant switch lives.
  84. Escobar's plans are ruined by another villian.
  85. Escobar esco-capes and plots his revenge on the constitution of the United States
  86. It's tough to crawl out of bed after a dirt nap.
  87. Shoulda used a higher SPF
  88. The Super Folks take on Dr. Neinstein er, Ninestein
  89. Von Spellsmark plays Mash with the Twinns.
  90. Zombie-Kevin smells as bad as regular Kevin
  91. Wizardry Von Spellsmark gets kicked out of The Society of Evil Wizards.
  92. Coldest pizza in the Northern Hemisphere
  93. The Admiral gives the coldest of cold shoulders.
  94. Two arctic explorers look for companionship.
  95. If you must know, it was rocky road.
  96. An preview of the Trouser Trauma Unit's new show on ABC.
  97. 039_privates_collection
  98. Professor Gallant must right the wrongs of his past.
  99. 037_TheStiffnessofScience_ms013
  100. 036